Iceland 2016

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  • Iceland 2016 - Day 1 - Jet lag, Jet lag, Jet lag

    This is the first picture I took in Iceland! (taken from flybus, on our way to Reykjavik)

    It was about an hour bus ride from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik, the landscapes are very different than the rest of the world. The lands across Iceland are mostly volcanic rocks that are black, and covered in muted green moss. It was relatively cloudy when we landed, so we couldnt see the land until the plane was a few hundred meters high. !!! (First Skyr I've had)

    Skyr is the best thing you can ever get in Iceland! It's a type of yogurt that is high in protein, and it tastes like greek yogurt, but better. They come in many different flavours such as: vanilla, pear, strawbetty, chocolate, blueberry, banana, etc. It's relatively affordable around 2500 Kr (around $2.50 CAD) and it contains 17 grams of protein which will fill you up. We lived off of Skyr for most meals, i'm sure I had at least one every day during the trip.

    Jet Lag (I look tired, I know.)

    There is a 4 hour time difference in Iclenad compared to Toronto, we were all really tired having to stay up over 36 hours straight after working a full day was exhausting, but I did it!

    A Graffiti alley in Reykjavik

    We took a walk, well, many walks after we landed to try to keep us awake, some of us craved in and went to bed, but Adrian won't let me, so I tried. Graffiti is a huge thing in Reykjavik as far as I know, but the government keeps trying to paint over the Graffiti, I guess they dont value them as art, but more vandalism which destroys the cities' view. I took this picture the first day, and a couple days later, I look down on the same alley, and its painted all white with a sign "Wet Paint" over it. I could be looking at a different alley, but I'm 99% sure that it was the same one.

    Hallgrímskirkja (Church)

    The iconic Hallgrímskirkja church is the largest church in Iceland where the iconic view of Reykjavik can be seen. The interior of the church features an extremely simple architecture look compared to most churches around the world. We rode the elevator to the top floor and the view was spectacular, we can see most of Reykjavik (which isnt that big anyways).

    HARPA (Concert Hall)

    HARPA, a concert hall thats worth looking at! HARPA features some really nice patterns on the outisde, and inside, I was mesmerized by the glass and mirror patterns, reminding me of a tesseract.


    B5 was the last stop of the day for me, its a little burger place hidden behind the bar B5. It's a neat little place with many drawings that customers (mostly kids) did and concert posters everywhere. I wasn't hungry enough to try their burger, but their milkshake was pretty nice.

    Shortly after, I crashed in our hotel around 7PM as I was up for over 36 hours straight.