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  • Iceland 2016 - Day 3 - Flatey Island!


    Dock at Stykkishólmur

    On the morning of the tird day we were up early to catch the ferry that brings us to Flatey island, which is located in Breiðafjörður, a large shallow bay that seperates the Westfjords from the south of Iceland. We loaded our minivan onto the ferry, which was heading for Brjánslækur.

    It was about an hour ride to Flatey, so we had breakfast in the lower deck canteen of the boat. Not long after leaving Stykkishólmur, the clouds cleared up and the weather was extremely nice, minimal clouds and blue skies. It stayed like that for the rest of the day, which was a rejoice. 

    The ferry was quite large, so it was hard to get sea sick. On the way we noticed a bunch of small islands that only had single houses on them. It must be lonely living on the island, but it wouldn't be a bad vacation home.

    View of Flatey as we approach

    Flatey is one of the largest islands of the west islands in Breiðafjörður, though I wouldnt say it's that big of an island. There is a small old village on the island, and the houses are all painted in nordic colours, muted yellow, green, blue etc. 

    The village was quiet and tranquil, and we saw locals that were enjoying the sun and kids swimming in the water. The overall feel of the island was peaceful, great for meditating and to escape from the cities. 

    Surrounded by the water, the isalnd also attracts lots of birds like the Puffins and Arctic Turns that are known for attacking people (if you go near their nests). There are also plenty of ducks and sheep spread throughout the island. 

    Overall, I would say this was the nicest little place I visited this trip. I would love to just go back to the island and spend a day or two there. I would highly recommend if you're heading to the Westfjords, to take the ferry and stop by Flatey.

    The Ferry only operates during the summer and it only comes twice a day, so we caught the 5PM ferry towards Brjánslækur and meet up with our van again.

    Dynjandi Falls - A series of waterfalls in Westfjords

    After arriving at Brjánslækur by ferry, we drove towards our next destination, Dynjandi Falls, which is a series of waterfalls all connected together, with a total height of 100m. The hike up to the top is around 15-20 minutes. The mass amount of displacing water creates a fine mist in the air, and we were able to see multiple rainbows at the falls - quite the view! Kent showed us that you can actually drink from the waterfall, so we all took our bottles and filled it up at the river, the water is very clean and refreshing, and it's naturally cold already! 

    View of the valleys on our way to þingeyri

    Waffles at Simbahöllin Café

    We then arrived at one of my favourite small town þingeyri, which has a population of 260 people, It's  small and quiet. Our first stop was Simbahöllin Café, and their waffles were one of the best waffles I've ever had in my life. They press it fresh right at the cafe and it's very light and crunchy, as opposed to a doughy mix. Their muted Jam and whipped cream is just the perfect match with the waffles. Alsaka Lupine - These purple flowers are scatters all around WestfjordsPanoramic View form the dock at þingeyri

    The sun never sets during the summer time, and these panoramas were taken around 10 PM at night. The lighting was amazing: the sun is just about to set, or rather, dip below the horizon. The water was very calm and the town was in silence. There's almost no sign of people in the streets late at night and you can really feel and listen the serenity of the town.

    We went out for a little walk after we settled into our guest house, around 12 AM the sun was just setting below the horizon, the lighting was just like what you would expect in dawn, except its midnight. By the west side of town, there's a little black sand beach where we spent some time and enjoyed the peach coloured sky against the distant hills.

    A little video about Flatey Island!