Iceland 2016

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  • Iceland 2016 - Day 5 - Abandoned Herring Factory

    Interior of the abandoned herring factory in Djupavik.

    In the following morning, we took a tour of the abandoned herring factory with one of the owners/manager of the hotel. He was a real nice man, and he told us a lot about the history of the town and the factory, and carefully guided us through the abadoned architecture. 

    3D stereoscopic photographs done by an artist.

    The top floor of the abandoned facotry is now used as an art gallery, mainly dispalying photographs. The owner told us they exhibit a different collection of work every month, and anyone is welcome to submit their work. The quality of the photographs that exhibits there was amazing, but what's more amazing is the gallery itself. The gallery is located in a long hall that features small windows along both sides, when the sun shines in at a lower angle, the lighting in the gallery is very photogenic.

    Greg checking his photos inside the gallery.

    Abandoned fish oil silo.

    Right outisde the main facotry sits 2 silos that used to hold fish oil. We climbed through a short pipe into the silo. The interior is a peaceful little place, the acoustics were echoey, so we started singing like a choir inside. There is a little tiny opening in the top of the silo, allowing a slither of light coming through the silo. The square pillars and the spiral shaped pipe on the floor also made it a very sci-fi looking place.

    Random drive-by view

    Fries at the gas-station

    Before we hit the crater, we stopped by a gas-station/snack stop for a quick lunch. Their fastfood menu did not feature english, but by the 5th day I've already learned that chicken is kjúklingur in Iceland, well, and the photo features some pieces of chicken so it was pretty self-explanatory and obvious that I'm going for it. I got the 2 pieces chicken with fries combo and the fries blew me away. The fries looks nothing special, but the packets of fries seasoning and the compulsory fries dip was what made it fantastic. The seasoning looks to be made with salt and pepper and different kinds of herbs, adding a kick to the fries. The dipping sauce is similar to salad dressing, its hard to describe, but its so good that I wish they have them here in Canada.

    View of Grabrok Crater from the top of the hike

    Befoe we head back to Reykjavík, we stopped by the Grabrok Crater for a little hike. The trail was well paved by wooden walkways and stairs, making it very easy to navigate. It was quite windy at the top due to the height and the shape of the hill. There wasn't that much in the middleo of the crater but the view from the crater was mesmerizing.

    We then drove straight to Reykjavík and took the rest of our day easy since the ride was long.