Iceland 2016

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  • Iceland 2016 - Day 7 - Blue Lagoon!

    On our last full day in Iceland, we visited a natural hot-spring. The landscapes were impressive, it felt like i'm on another planet, the grey gooey clay bubbles on the ground with an extremely strong odour that is similar to rotten eggs, but worse... 

    An orange lighthouse

    We then took a little short drive over to see some shipwrecks. It was about a 20 minutes hike in total from the lighthouse, where we were dropped off and to the other side of the road.

    Pierre for scale

    We stopped at 2 different shipwrecks, both of them were rusted form inside out. 

    Blue Lagoon

    We hurried and rushed to our last stop of the day, the highlight of the trip, the Blue Lagoon! Pierre was so prepared and already made a reservation for us so we didn't have to lineup (yes you have to line up to get into the lagoon). The Blue Lagoon was easily one of my favourite place in the whole trip. Despite it being so commercialized now, it was still worth the visit. The warm blue water in contrast with the chilling air was really a different experience. We also got to try on the face mask where you apply some white clay on your face and it's suppose to improve your skin, it sure was refreshing doing that.

    Midnight sunset at Reykjavík

    After the nice bath at the Blue Lagoon, we headed back to our hotel. Hanna, Adrian and I took a little midnight walk, we caught the sunset at the sæbraut just in time, the lighting and the view was mesmerizing at the time.